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Employee Counselling and Welfare Support

"Experience and Expertise"

Apheideo Associates, a workplace counselling team and consultants in employee counselling, have been providing employee counselling and welfare support to the employees of a wide range of organisations since January 2003. It is our mission to provide expert mental health and welfare support in the workplace.

Coronavirus - keeping safe

Apheideo Associates are wholly committed to the Public Health Agency's advice on dealing with COVID-19 and will observe the recommended protocols. On the following Services page (on the menu tab above) you can read about our arrangements in continuing to provide employee counselling and welfare services and keeping employees and practitioners safe. Including the guidance 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' and hand washing guidance, we will ensure that our office is frequently cleaned and disinfected in accordance with PHA advice. The current general advice is that you should stay at home unless you are delivering a frontline or essential service.  At the moment, there are two basic things everyone must do - wash your hands regularly and isolate if you develop symptoms.

What our customers are saying...

The Chief Executive of a Council in Northern Ireland commenting on a reduction in sick absence from 15.4 days a year to 5.8 days credited Apheideo Associates with "providing support that directly reduced sick absence - specifically long-term sick absence".

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