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The Apheideo clinical team comprises of a Manager, a supervisor, 4 team members with a gender balance of 2 males and 2 females. Therefore, the team can meet employee requests for a counsellor of a specific gender and the team is large enough to allow for separate counsellors or employee transfer from one counsellor to another should that situation arise. All counsellors are qualified in counselling and have specialist training in mentoring, mediation, crisis intervention and dealing with psychological trauma, and some have notably advanced qualifications in these areas. Between the team they have 150 years of experience of delivering employee counselling and related services in a range of contexts. In addition, Apheideo Associates offers a counselling team that have substantial experience in dealing with equality and diversity issues – race, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief, gender and human rights. Apheideo Associates is committed to ensuring that, as far as is reasonably practicable, the way we provide services to employees and the way we manage our staff reflects their individual needs and does not discriminate against individuals or groups on any grounds. Individually, the team bring significant experience well beyond the minimum requirement of 450 hours counselling experience and they have qualifications and experience well above the minimum requirement of diploma level. Therefore, we have the team numbers and expertise to meet the normal daily delivery of the service and the out–of-hours, holiday and emergency considerations. Alongside our roles as an employee counsellor, we have held significant professional profiles in roles that are complimentary to the delivery of an employee counselling service – pastoral care, human resource management, senior and executive management and teaching from Secondary through to Higher Education levels. Apheideo Associates have a professional reputation that has both national and international influence in their professional disciplines.

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